Volunteering FAQ’s

Become a Volunteer Baker for Free Cakes for Kids Lambeth

Free Cakes for Kids Lambeth are looking for volunteer bakers who are willing to make a birthday cake for a child in the Lambeth area. The idea behind Free Cakes for Kids is simple; we match enthusiastic bakers with families who find it difficult to provide a birthday cake for their child. We will also be considering referrals to make cakes for adults who may not otherwise receive one, such as from care homes, day centres and so on.

Do I have to commit to making a certain number of cakes?

No. You might make 1 cake a year, you might make one a month; it really is up to you.Becoming a volunteer baker is flexible; you can fit it round your commitments and bake when you have the time.

Do I have to be an expert baker?

No. The aim of Free Cakes for Kids ​is to help families who find it difficult to provide a homemade birthday cake for a child. For many of these children receiving a homemade birthday cake, perhaps with their name on it or in the shape of something they really like,will make a real difference whatever the cake looks like and there are no expectations that cakes look professional or ‘shop bought’.

Who covers the costs of the ingredients?

Volunteer bakers are expected to cover the costs of their ingredients and the container or box it will be delivered in.

How will the cake be delivered? 

This will vary with each different referral. In most cases volunteer bakers should expect to deliver the cake to a location in and around the Lambeth area.

Here’s what we do in six simple steps:

What does Free Cakes for Kids Lambeth Do

If you would like to become a volunteer baker, or feel you have other expertise to offer Free Cakes for Kids Lambeth ​please get in touch via the contact us page!



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